Team History

Minneapolis was first named Minnetonka RFC and was formed in 1960

Metro was formed in 1980.


In 1992, the Metro and Minneapolis merged to become Metropolis. Jeff “Bluey” Hickman designed the globe logo to solidify the teams new identity. The first coaches were John Threlfall and DJ Johnson. Joe Scheitlin was the first team captain.


The Minnesota Valkyries joined Metropolis in 2017, becoming the Metropolis Valkyries

Metro Man

The Metro man evolved from Metro 7s. When it was discovered the team only had a set of heavy cotton jerseys to wear, a couple dozen camo tees were purchased from a military surplus store to serve as a stand in set of 7’s jerseys, and the Metro Man was born. Soon, the small green plastic army men became a standard accessory at all Metro nights out, and players will leave a Metro man behind at a famous location (Twickenham stadium for example!) as a way to commemorate the team’s travels and exploits.

The Cows

The first Metropolis Aspen Tour had a Bavarian theme for going out. In true rugby fashion, finding Bavarian costumes was left for the night before tour. After several unsuccessful attempts to secure costumes, several full length cow costumes were purchased as “there must be cows in Bavaria.” The cow costumes were of course a hit, and in addition to some great rugby, the team enjoyed some extracurricular running of the cows and cow tipping that weekend as well. After that weekend, the magic of the cows has been part of Metropolis.

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